What is the Completion Time for House Construction in Turkey?

Long before the real construction phase, the process of building a new home begins. You must take several elements into account before beginning the construction process. What are the prerequisites for house construction in Turkey? What aspects ought I to take into account before constructing a home in Turkey? You could inquire.

There is a never-ending list of activities to do across many different phases of construction if you are planning or managing a construction project. You must keep tabs on your construction crew, the planning and building process, the site’s circumstances and changes, and more. This is why it is suggested to work with an engineer, architect, and contractor when building or buying a house in Turkey.

Let’s now take a look at all the factors you need to consider when building a house in Turkey.

Timeline For Constructions

When constructing a home in Turkey, you must schedule your team’s responsibilities, deadlines, the length of the planning and construction phases, and other details. Because of this, making a timeline might make it easier for you to keep track of and manage all of this vital data in one place.

You can make a timeline for the following categories:

  1. Start date
  2. Finish date
  3. Duration in days
  4. Pre-construction
  5. Construction
  6. Finalization and more

Preparation Phase

Finding, obtaining, and preparing the land for a house to be built in Turkey is the first step. You must consider the location, accessibility of the location, the sort of house you want, the weather conditions, and more for the house you want before moving on to the next phase.

To begin the construction process, you must obtain the required building permits from the local authorities. In addition to all of these, you must also create an under-construction timeline and budget to determine when the construction process will be completed. You can always seek out a consultant’s assistance if it all seems like too much to process. The team of advisors and specialists at Acar Yapı can be of assistance in this situation. You can reach us about our construction services in Turkey.

Construction Phase

During this stage, you carry out the project and employ all of your planning and resources. The foundation, framing, roof, cabinetry, flooring, painting, and other tasks are the emphasis of the building phase. You must consider building planning concerns including room layout, privacy, and more during this phase. During this stage, you can collaborate with a builder, agent, or any other specialist.

The process of home construction can and ought to be satisfying. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert. You can rely on those who have gone before you to make the experience of creating a house memorable. This does not guarantee a smooth journey, though.

Your construction schedule could be affected by delays and risks. You may get in touch with Acar Yapı’s consultants, skilled engineers, and architects whenever you need to to avoid any potential issues in the future.

Finalization Phase

The final phase is where you review any last changes, evaluate the outcomes, and set the project’s objectives in stone. All of the project’s components receive closure at this stage. What might have been enhanced? What went well and what didn’t? During this stage, these queries are addressed.

This stage keeps an eye on potential risks, assists the homeowner with moving into the freshly constructed home, and keeps an eye on praises and concerns.

factors affecting construction period

Factors Affecting the Construction Period

When the construction will be finished is one of the most significant things any homeowner worries about. If you’re wondering how you can make sure the process goes smoothly, you should look at the variables that affect how long the building takes.

There are a lot of different factors that could make your time frame longer. Now let’s examine them to determine how and why they impact the construction phase:

  1. House Size and Complexity

  2. Weather Conditions

  3. Availability of Construction Materials

  4. Labor Availability and Skill Level

  5. Permitting and Approval Process

  6. Site Conditions and Preparation

  7. Contractor Efficiency and Workforce Size

  8. External Factors

  9. Project Management and Communication

  10. Changes and Modifications

House Size and Complexity

The length of time needed to complete the building increases with the size of the house. You should bear this in mind when making plans to build a house. More than you might imagine, the size, style, and location of the house could influence the construction schedule.

Weather Conditions

The length of time it takes to construct a home is greatly influenced by the weather conditions. Being near weather hazards during construction might halt the process, and severe conditions can cause major delays.

Availability of Construction Materials

Choosing the proper materials is important while constructing a home. Your home should be well-built and durable enough to last for many years. You can choose from the priciest building materials or ceramics, wood, and concrete. On the other hand, you can select eco-friendly products to save energy.

Keep in mind that you must be able to conveniently access such materials to start the construction process. If not, you may risk taking longer than necessary to import the materials.

Labor Availability and Skill Level

Due to favorable weather, construction procedures frequently begin in the spring. However, this implies that the labor supply might be constrained. Even if you manage to acquire enough workers, you might not be happy with their level of expertise. Working with a reputable custom builder is essential because of this.

Permitting and Approval Process

Knowing that you cannot create a home without the required permissions in place is essential because each area has its own set of rules and regulations about construction. Even if you already own the land, you will still need to obtain the necessary licenses to build the houses in Turkey. Don’t forget to account for the possibility of a delay in obtaining the permissions due to Turkey building codes when planning the duration of your development.

You can read our article about How to Get Building Permits in Turkey.

Site Conditions and Preparation

The condition and preparation of the site form the basis for building a house. It entails actions like site assessment, surveying, and testing. If there are no issues, designers and builders prepare the site after visiting it to determine its size and designate its borders.

The site is cleaned, the immediate area is inspected for issues, and controls are put in place to stop soil and water flow from harming the nearby properties. Therefore, an issue that arises during site preparation could result in a significant delay in the construction process.

Contractor Efficiency and Workforce Size

The construction sector has a high workforce turnover rate, which harms the output and performance of construction companies. In addition, concerns exist regarding the effectiveness and transparency of contractors. Due to the lack of transparency, it results in a loss of trust as well as construction delays. For this reason, you can deal with a building company based on their experience and transparency.

External Factors

When building a house, you could run across external issues such as community disagreements, adjustments to local requirements and fees, adjustments to demands, and more. Even though they are typically not part of your construction planning, a skilled builder and consultant could be of assistance in this case.

Project Management and Communication

The success of the construction process depends on effective communication among the various parties involved, including the house owners, architects, engineers, project managers, and builders. The project could be delayed by any misunderstandings or delays between these participants. For the best construction project management, you can count on Acar Yapı’s professional team.

Changes and Modifications

Any alterations and additions could affect the construction procedure and extend the schedule. Because of this, taking the chance of making modifications into account when building a house is necessary.

Throughout the construction process, you might decide against an outcome or have second thoughts. Whatever your motivation, it will have an impact on how long building takes, so you must plan for the likelihood of a change.

FAQs on Standard of Living in Turkey

How do weather conditions impact the construction timeline?

The construction process is negatively impacted by weather conditions. Therefore, it is acceptable to state that they bring unpredictability into the schedule for construction.

Can changes in the design or modifications to the plan affect the construction period?

Due to the potential need for additional time to implement the changes, design changes made during construction can create delays to the project schedule.

How do local regulations and permitting affect the construction timeline?

The length of time and expense of building a house is impacted by dealing with building permits and local laws. Keep in mind that there are occasionally outside factors that influence the approval process and could impact the timeline of your project.

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