How to Get a Building Permits in Turkey

How to Get a Building Permits in Turkey?

Building permit is one of the real estate terms that those who will start building construction for the first time or home owners encounter. In order to start the construction of villas with a zoning plan, certain permits must be obtained by law. As a matter of fact, the villa building permit is one of the relevant permits required to be obtained. We, as Acar Yapı, will try to answer the questions of how to get a villa building permit and what is necessary to get a villa building permit in this content.

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is a building approval document obtained from the relevant municipalities in order to start a construction. Obtaining a building permit is considered as the first step to start building construction. The building permit issued within the scope of the Zoning Law No. 3194 is a legally binding document.

Therefore, in order to start the construction of a villa project with a zoning plan, it is obligatory to obtain a villa building permit. The relevant document is a construction permit document that confirms the construction suitability of the villa . Engaging in the construction process without obtaining a building permit causes the building to be described as illegal. Accordingly, all buildings for which a building permit has not been obtained are considered illegal. In addition, this situation constitutes a crime from a legal point of view.

Building Permit in Turkey

Where to Get a Building Permit?

The building permit is obtained by the owner or his/her representative through the responsible municipality of the region where the project is involved. In the process of obtaining a building permit, firstly, the petition for obtaining a building permit should be filled and an application should be made to the municipality accompanied by other documents. For example; When we think that the construction of the villa will be carried out within the boundaries of the Güzelce neighborhood of the Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, the villa building permit application should be made to the Büyükçekmece Municipality.

On the other hand, if the construction of the villa is outside the contiguous area, the building permit application should be made to the governorship instead of the municipalities.

How to Get a Villa Building License, What are the Required Documents?

Villa building license can be obtained by the building owners or their legal representatives in accordance with the 22nd article of the Zoning Law. For this, the petition for obtaining a building permit must be filled and the application must be submitted along with the documents that must be attached to the petition. Within the scope of the Zoning Law, the title deed, electricity, static project, architectural project, installation project, referenced, dimensional sketch, drawings, and calculations are among the things that should be added to the relevant petition.

Documents Required for a Building Permit in Turkey

  • Villa Building License Application Petition (wet signed)
  • Land Registry Example
  • Application (Sketch) Document
  • Zoning Status Certificate
  • Diameter and Deed Copy
  • Architectural Project
  • Chamber of Architects Registration Certificate
  • Reinforced Concrete Static Project
  • Civil Engineer Chamber Registration Certificate
  • Plumbing Project
  • Mechanical Engineer Chamber Registration Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Project
  • Electrical Engineer Chamber Registration Certificate
  • Soil Survey Report
  • Map Application Officer and Documents
  • Documents Related to Building Contractor
  • Building Inspection Contract and Certificate of the Building Inspection Company
  • Structure Information Form
  • Bank Receipt showing that 20 percent of the Construction Audit Company Fee has been deposited
  • Site Manager Agreement

How Much is the Building License Fee for 2023?

After preparing the list of documents required to obtain a building permit, one of the most curious questions is how much the building permit fee in 2023. So much so that the amount to be paid for the building permit in 2023 varies according to the type and square meter of the building. At the same time, there are differences in wages according to the municipality to which you are affiliated. For example; For a 1000 square meter project, the construction license fee for 2023 may vary between 35 thousand and 50 thousand TL.

Which Buildings Do Not Require a License?

The buildings that do not need a building permit include the building types in the settled areas of the villages. Such structures are also known as structures that do not require a zoning plan.

Accordingly, structures that do not require a license can be listed as follows:

  • Cooperatives etc. established by the village people. buildings
  • Structures built for the purpose of sustaining agriculture or livestock activities
  • Structures built to meet the various needs of the village people (grocery store, barbershop, greengrocer, bakery, restaurant, buffet, etc.)
how to get building permit in Turkey

How to Get a Villa Building License? – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a House Building Permit?

In order to obtain a house building permit, the building owner or his/her representative must apply to the relevant municipality or governorship by preparing the necessary documents to obtain a building permit together with the petition for obtaining a building permit.

How Much Does a Building Permit Cost?

Building permit prices or building permit fees vary according to the type and square meter of the building. For example; For the villa building permit, the square meter fee for an area up to 1,000 square meters has been determined as 12.92₺. This fee increases as the square meter area increases.

Who Issues the Building Permit?

In cases where a building permit or a villa building permit is required, the responsible institution is the provincial or district municipalities responsible for the region where the relevant building is located. However, if the building in question is outside the contiguous area, the building permit must be obtained through the governor’s office.

What Happens If There Is No Building Permit?

Buildings that are started to be constructed without obtaining a building permit are in the status of illegal structures. Regardless of whether the building was built within the framework of the zoning plan and the relevant regulation, buildings without a building permit are illegal structures.

Is it possible to get a title deed without a building permit?

It is not possible to obtain a title deed for the condominium in a building that does not have a building permit. Therefore, for condominium ownership, there is a condition that the relevant building’s license permission has been obtained.

In How Many Days Will The Building License Be Issued?

After the construction permit application is made, the permit is granted within an average of 15 days. The correct and complete preparation of the necessary documents for the construction permit and the submission of the petition for obtaining the construction permit play an important role in the rapid conclusion of the construction permit application.

How Many Years Is The Building Permit Valid?

The number of years the building permit is valid is clearly stated in Article 29 of the Zoning Law No. 3194. Accordingly, the construction permit period is valid for 2 years. It is necessary to start the construction of the building within 2 years, to be valid from the day the building permit is issued. If the construction is not started within this period or if it is not completed within 5 years after it has been started, the building permit will be deemed invalid.

Why is a Building Permit Required?

The building permit is an approval document confirming the conformity of the construction of the building in question. The building permit is also a document that must be obtained for condominium ownership. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to sell or get the title deed of a building without a building permit.

Can the Construction Begin Before Obtaining a Building Permit?

It is not possible to start construction without obtaining a building permit. In fact, as stated in the Zoning Law No. 3194, obtaining a construction permit is a mandatory practice.

Is Building License Mandatory?

In accordance with the Zoning Law No. 3194, it is obligatory to obtain a building permit. A building permit is defined as a permit that is required to be obtained in order for a construction project to be realized on a land to start operating in accordance with certain criteria.

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