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    Innovative Architectural Design in Turkey

    The use of cutting-edge technology is not the only way to describe innovative architectural design. Contrary to what many people think, innovative architectural design is more than that. Innovative architectural design entails the creative application of local materials and technology during the design phase.

    As one of the best architecture firms in Turkey, Acar Yapı believes that innovative architectural design encompasses more than just the usage of cutting-edge design components. Everything, from design architecture to sustainable architecture to social and economic advancements, incorporates the idea of innovation.

    Our Architectural Expertise 

    Acar Yapı has been providing engineering and construction monitoring services in Turkey since it was founded in 2016. As one of Turkey’s leading practitioners of modern architecture, Acar Yapı concentrates on offering clients cutting-edge architectural designs that emphasize modern technologies, cost-effective and creative solutions, strategic and visionary foresight, sustainability, and more.

    In addition to all of these, we have a group of skilled architects and civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers who value teamwork and international exposure. Acar Yapı is among the best architecture firms in Turkey thanks to our experience, our team’s capacity to provide solutions that might bring economic and sectoral value, and our emphasis on reliability and sustainability.

    Architectural Services 

    The architectural services provided by Acar Yapı are mostly focused on 3D model architecture, landscape architecture, modern architecture, baroque architecture, and other services. To provide you with the best architectural service, all of Acar Yapı’s architecture services concentrate on fusing traditional and modern architectural design components.

    Custom Architectural Design 

    Nothing says unique like customized artwork created exclusively for you by a skilled artist in the style of an architectural design. And at Acar Yapı, this is what we strive to achieve. We want to show you the greatest customized architectural design ideas and what your dream home will look like by giving you a 3D modeling and building project drawing as one of the best architecture firms in Turkey. 

    Project Drawing 

    A technical representation of a building project is an architectural project drawing. It aids in converting a drawing concept into a project proposal, maintaining a record of the structure, and producing more design concepts. The majority of the time, project drawings are made with the use of CAD (computer-aided design) software.

    At Acar Yapı, we use the most recent technologies and software to create the greatest architectural project drawings that offer indications about the possible building and promote client cooperation to produce more ideas. 

    Traditional Architecture 

    Architecture is more than just ideas and designs. There is also the functional purpose that decides how the design will be. Traditional architecture is one of these functional concepts. Traditional building materials and techniques are essential to traditional architecture.

    To utilize traditional architecture’s eco-friendly characteristics and energy-efficient materials, Acar Yapı uses traditional architectural concepts to develop the project’s foundation. 

    Modern Architectural Concepts 

    Modern architecture in Turkey is distinct from traditional architecture in terms of its use of materials and concepts. The idea of material reality is central to contemporary architecture. Modern architectural ideas are straightforward, truthful, and sincere. Additionally, these ideas depend on the interaction between architecture and art. 

    When laying the groundwork for a new project, our team of qualified architects at Acar Yapı considers a variety of factors, including past experiences and impacts, feelings, perceptions, and more. We employ contemporary architectural ideas like structure and technology, public and private, historic, materialistic, and more as one of the best architecture firms in Turkey.

    3D Modeling 

    You need the aid of 3D modeling technologies if you want to see how your idea will appear in real life. You must develop the necessary skills, though, to use this feature. Architecture firms in Turkey can help in this situation.

    At Acar Yapı, we use 3D model architecture to design walls, put doors and windows, make different kinds of roofs, and just about everything else you can think of. Our revolutionary architectural design proposal has a trustworthy source in the form of our 3D physical model.

    Green Building Solutions 

    Although the idea of green building is not new, sustainable architecture has been popular in recent years. Acar Yapı is aware that the building industry is one of the major causes of global warming and that buildings account for a significant portion of energy waste. Acar Yapı’s green building solutions can help in this case.

    Our skilled architect team rigorously evaluates each option we offer to produce a building design that is both resource- and environmentally friendly.

    Architectural Compliance and Building Codes in Turkey 

    The goal of the structure, the budget, the site’s characteristics, the resources available, and the intended aesthetics are just a few of the variables that must be taken into consideration while selecting an architectural design. Building codes and architectural compliance both have an impact on all of these elements.

    The safety of architectural projects is determined by building codes and architectural compliance. Because of this, it is a requirement for all architecture firms in Turkey. At Acar Yapı, we pay attention to adhering to the precise norms and regulations that specify the very minimum level of safety that is permissible for buildings and other structures. Therefore, the construction type, permitted floor size, location on the land, and other factors are all determined by these building codes. 

    Our Architectural Portfolio 

    A portfolio for architectural design is a requirement. On our website, Acar Yapı, you can view all of the designs we have finished to date and even verify the duration, scope, and substance of the projects. We hope to give you a glimpse of the quality and originality of our designs by being transparent with our clients and providing them with an architecture portfolio.

    Our Architecture​ Team

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    Kenan Erden
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Fatih Erol
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Murad Rahimov
    Project coordinator
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    MUrat Bozkurt
    Site supervisor
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    Muhammed Erden
    Senior Civil Engineer
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    Cevdet Kaya
    Site supervisor
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    Murat Aydemir
    Site Supervisor
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    Burak Kaya
    Senior Architect
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    Salih Inan
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    Samer Taleb
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Mohammed Dali
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    Yunus Ağaoglu
    Mechanical engineer
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    Tansu Erden
    Civil engineer
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    Hatice Çalışkan
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Abdullah Taşdemir
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    Mehmet Arslan
    Land Broker
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    Yalçın Özdal
    marketing manager

    Our co-founders and civil engineers Kenan Erden and Fatih Erol, project coordinator Murad Rahmiov, and a group of knowledgeable architects and civil engineers make up the Acar Yapı’s architecture team. Our team of architects strives to offer customers interior architecture designs that address their demands and tastes as well as environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings.

    Our Other Services


    Project construction and management


    Fit out , mechanic and electric works


    Investment planning and consultancy

    FAQs About Architecture in Turkey

    How do you integrate traditional Turkish elements into modern architectural designs?

    To do this, consider several design architecture components that will give the room a classy flair and personality. Architects employ woodwork in table and chair designs, color on the walls, and accessories like lanterns and vases to incorporate these traditional components into a modern style. They also use brilliant and vibrant colors, detailed woodwork, traditional patterns, and motifs.

    Can you assist with obtaining permits and approvals for architectural projects in Turkey?

    Absolutely. At Acar Yapı, we have responsibilities besides design. We assist our clients in any way they may require in terms of architectural design.

    How does the collaborative architectural design process work?

    Collaborative practice and involvement are crucial components of the collaborative architectural design process. Collaboration is necessary for the design, but it is also essential for the design process to be successful. For this reason, at Acar Yapı, we emphasize the participation of all members of our team in the design process.