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    Investment Planning and Consultancy in Turkey

    There is no doubt that Turkey’s advantageous location, population, variety of industries, and business and investment prospects contribute to the popularity of real estate investment in Turkey. Investment consultants take on the responsibility of advising you on how to invest in real estate by buying a home, piece of property, or piece of land.
    Do you wish to invest in Turkish real estate? The best villa and home investment prospects are offered by Acar Yapı. To understand more about our investment planning services and real estate investment consultancy in Turkey, be sure to check out the next sections.


    Our Investment Services

    Since 2016, we completed a lot of productive building projects. All the investment services you might require, from investment planning to investment consulting, are available at Acar Yapı. As a result, we are not only at your side while you make decisions and plans, but we are also providing full investment consulting services so that you may discuss worries, potential risks and possibilities, and revisions to the project.


    Investment Planning

    The first step in managing your finances is investment planning. Understanding the market and its trends, the tax and legal systems, geopolitical risks, industry-specific hazards, and other factors are all part of the investment planning process.
    Whether you want to buy a home to generate a return on the investment through rental income or the eventual sale of the property, or you just want to live there, our investment consultancy at Acar Yapı first talks to you about your investment purpose. Our consultancy develops a short- or long-term investment management plan for you based on your objectives.


    Real Estate Investment Consultancy

    There is more to creating an investment strategy than merely picking a few stocks to invest in. Your schedule, future ambitions, level of risk tolerance, and financial condition all need to be taken into account. You might need the assistance of an investment consultancy to guide you through the process because all of these could get confusing.
    The following consulting services are the main areas of concentration for Acar Yapı’s real estate investment consultancy in Turkey:

    • Accessing your current financial situation to determine how much you can reasonably afford to invest.
    • Help you decide if you should take some risks or follow a safe path.
    • Decide what real estate to invest in.
    • Monitor your investments

    Exploring Villa and House Opportunities

    Real estate options are investigated as part of investment management so that customers may choose the ideal property for their investing needs. Turkey presents a wealth of villa and home prospects for investors, both geographically and artistically.
    Acar Yapı works on villa and house construction projects that are taking place in Turkey’s most renowned and advantageous locations. Istanbul is where the majority of our projects are placed because of its budget, location, and investment opportunities. You can view our house projects at Acar Yapı to learn more.


    Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Real Estate Investment


    It may be quite challenging to measure risk in the real estate investment sector. This is because there isn’t a metric for investment risk. After all, each property has different characteristics that make it challenging to apply general standards.
    Due to this, many investors in Turkey might disregard the significance of risks and just pay attention to the return on investment. However, when it comes to real estate investment, risk management is essential. This is where real estate investment consultancy in Turkey steps in.
    At Acar Yapı, we assess the risks associated with the market, real estate, and investment structures, including those related to legal entities and conflicts of interest. We keep track of prospective hazards and provide our clients with those risks’ solutions.


    Tailored Investment Solutions

    Individual investing issues often arise with custom villa investments and custom housing plans. Tailor-made investment risks or difficulties are distinguished by the fact that they call for specially developed, one-of-a-kind solutions. At Acar Yapo, this is exactly what we do.
    We provide investment solutions that are specialized for each client’s demands, client-focused culture, unique markets, particular property problems, and more.


    Benefits of Collaborating with Top Real Estate Experts

    Working with the real estate consultancy in Turkey will put you one step ahead and help your investment go in the right direction. At Acar Yapı, our specialists keep up with technical and industry advancements without sacrificing their outstanding level of comprehension, and they build housing projects by aiming for the finest. To keep our customers informed throughout the investment planning and execution process, our professionals place a high priority on communication.
    By providing comprehensive real estate investment consultancy in Turkey, we hope to inform you about the potential dangers, opportunities, locations, budgets, and more. Check out our consulting area at Acar Yapı if you require any additional information.

    Our Investment Team

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    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Project coordinator
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    Site supervisor
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    Senior Civil Engineer
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    Site Supervisor
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    Senior Architect
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    Samer Taleb
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    Mohammed Dali
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    Yunus Ağaoglu
    Mechanical engineer
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    Civil engineer
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    Abdullah Taşdemir
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    Mehmet Arslan
    Land Broker
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    Yalçın Özdal
    marketing manager

    Our Other Services


    Project construction and management


    3D modeling and building permits.


    Fit out , mechanic and electric works

    FAQs on Real Estate Consultancy in Turkey

    What sets your investment consultancy apart from others in Turkey?

    To find clients the ideal investment, the majority of investment consultancies concentrate on the initial stages of the process where they listen to clients’ preferences. However, at Acar Yapı, our knowledgeable consultants pay attention to your preferences, develop a project’s graphic draft, and then carry it out after receiving your approval. Therefore, at Acar Yapı, we discuss the process while also taking into account your needs.

    How do you assess the potential risks and returns of an investment in Turkey?

    Due to its position as a crossroads of trade and commerce, high rate of tourism, and other factors, Turkey offers a favorable return on investment. However, there are also potential risks, including the worry of selecting unsuitable real estate, working with dishonest people, currency fluctuations, inability to pay the mortgage, and more. Our advisors, who work for a Turkish real estate investment consulting, evaluate these possible hazards and offer a solution to every issue at Acar Yap.

    What types of investment opportunities does your consultancy service cover in Turkey?

    The consulting services of Acar Yapı search on your behalf and give you a report on the potential benefits and drawbacks of purchasing real estate in Turkey. We focus on our client’s needs and expectations when it comes to investing as one of the most professional investment consultancy firms in Turkey.