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    Renovation in Turkey

    Both the desire to furnish a home with more modern features and the necessity to preserve the structure’s historical legacy drive the need for renovation. Due to this, you may need the assistance of renovation companies Turkey.

    Acar Yapı takes advantage of the industry’s need for renovations to provide you with the top renovation solutions for your living areas. Now let’s take a look at our renovation services in Turkey.

    Our Renovation Expertise 

    You need to renovate your property, whether your goal is to raise the value so that you can sell it for a higher price or simply to make changes so that your home better suits your requirements and preferences. You might require an expert’s assistance to accomplish this. 

    Let’s be real here. You must take into account a variety of factors, including choosing a contractor, your budget, and how to turn your design ideas a reality. However, completing all of these tasks by yourself is challenging. This is why you could require the help of renovation companies. At Acar Yapı, we provide all the renovation services you can require in Turkey in hopes of being the best.

    Renovation Services in Turkey 

    There are a few key considerations you should keep in mind if you intend to select a reputable renovation firm for your project to make sure you make the right choice. 

    The business you select should be recognized by the government, adhere to industry norms for renovation services, have a legitimate website, a knowledgeable staff, and more. We provide the best renovation services in Turkey at Acar Yapı, one of the top renovation companies Turkey.

    Comprehensive Renovation Planning and Design 

    More than a few design concepts and their execution go into comprehensive remodeling planning. It involves knowledge and skills on improving the quality of living as well as architectural design expertise with perspectives on structural engineering and energy efficiency. 

    Engineers, architects, and knowledgeable employees from Acar Yapı work together to develop comprehensive renovation plans that give you empowered home remodeling ideas for any property or place you may imagine.  

    Customized Renovation Solutions 

    Your property’s potential value is significantly influenced by the partners, supplies, and renovation companies you select. Acar Yapı can be of assistance in this situation if you want customized renovation services in terms of modernization, the use of cutting-edge technologies, transparency, regular updates, and fast solutions.

    So make sure to contact our team of professionals so we can start looking for the best possible renovation solutions specifically designed for your property right away.

    Renovation Services for Residential and Commercial Properties 

    Due to urban development in Turkey’s major cities, there is now a greater demand for real estate purchases, and residential projects have grown in popularity over time. Renovation project services were also impacted by this significant change.

    A residential property does more than just give a person a place to live. It has all the amenities and technical services you may need for daily life. For this reason, renovation services for residential and commercial properties concentrate on updating residential units as well as numerous amenity and service offerings that benefit residents. This is what we focus on at Acar Yapı.

    Our Renovation Process 

    At Acar Yapı, we put the renovation project’s exploration first. We examine the wants, needs, and concerns of our clients as well as market prospects and difficulties. After carefully hearing our clients, we present them with a design project that is suited to their requirements. Then, our knowledgeable team gets to work creating your renovation plan and budget. 

    If the project is authorized, we will provide you with a visual picture of it, and if every participant can agree on the budget, timetable, and payment, construction can begin. 

    Discover Our Renovation Projects 

    Acar Yapı provides a range of renovation services for structures including villas, homes, apartments, and more. For more specialized areas and materials within the building, such as the kitchen and bathroom, we also provide interior renovation services.

    To learn more about our ongoing renovation initiatives, make sure to check the projects on our website.

    Villa Renovation 

    With the aid of our professional teams, we complete the space remodeling, garden, balcony, terrace, and other villa decoration work in our luxury villa renovation projects. Additionally, we decide which parts of the villa need to be renovated or which areas need to be secured. 

    House Renovation 

    Even if it’s complicated, home renovation results in a more well-rounded property with high value and greater living space. However, keep in mind that you must have an architectural plan for the design process and take into account your budget, materials, and other factors. As one of the top renovation companies Turkey, Acar Yapı can help in this instance. We play a significant part in the design and planning process, go over every little detail, such as the roofing and windows, and make sure you have the funds you need for your home restoration. 

    Interior Renovation

    By implementing the most expected improvements to the decorating of living spaces, interior remodeling focuses on enhancing clients’ living styles. Our team at Acar Yapı focuses on kitchen and bathroom renovation to improve your living space. No matter the scope or cost of the project, we also concentrate on office renovation to give our clients a better working environment.


    Our Renovation​ Team

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    Kenan Erden
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Fatih Erol
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Murad Rahimov
    Project coordinator
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    MUrat Bozkurt
    Site supervisor
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    Muhammed Erden
    Senior Civil Engineer
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    Cevdet Kaya
    Site supervisor
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    Murat Aydemir
    Site Supervisor
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    Burak Kaya
    Senior Architect
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    Salih Inan
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    Samer Taleb
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Mohammed Dali
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Yunus Ağaoglu
    Mechanical engineer
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    Tansu Erden
    Civil engineer
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    Hatice Çalışkan
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Abdullah Taşdemir
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    Mehmet Arslan
    Land Broker
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    Yalçın Özdal
    marketing manager

    As a renovation company Turkey, we have a fantastic team that is well-versed in the industry, comprehends the complexities of home renovation, and is knowledgeable about all the little nuances you could ordinarily overlook during the process of renovation. You will be fully informed about the design and planning process as a homeowner when you work with Acar Yapı’s expert team. Additionally, if you collaborate with Acar Yapı, you won’t need to hunt for additional architects, engineers, or even house improvement contractors. 

    At Acar Yapı, we have a team that is made up of skilled engineers, architects, project managers, and more. For more detailed information, make sure to contact our consultants.

    Our Other Services


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    3D modeling and building permits.


    Investment planning and consultancy

    FAQs About Renovation in Turkey

    How do I know if my property requires renovation?

    The potential is the true driving force behind the renovation. Your desire to apply for a renovation firm may have been prompted by your awareness of the potential of your home and your desire to maximize its financial potential. You may be more inclined to renovate your property if your original home needs more repair.

    Can you help with both interior and exterior renovations?

    Absolutely. Acar Yap doesn’t just concentrate on interior renovation. It also emphasizes changes to the outside of your home.

    What is the estimated timeline and budget for a renovation project in Turkey?

    In addition to considerations like labor costs and the materials required for renovation, you must consider major operations like roofing and plumbing as well as minor tasks like painting and replacing fixtures. A schedule is also necessary for properly completing each phase. Since taking on the role alone could be challenging, you can seek the aid of Turkish house renovation experts.