To Build or Buy a Villa in Turkey? A Comprehensive Guide to Profitability

Turkey is a perfect country for those who want to live with its nature, people and culture or sign new beginnings. The villas, which provide both privacy and a comfortable living space, are the primary choice for those who want to enjoy these beauties. So, is it more logical to buy or build a ready-made villa in Turkey? Let’s look for the answer together

Villa-style buildings offer a more relaxed and comfortable living space than multi-apartment residences. Villas, which are the primary choice of those who want to settle in Turkey or who want to spend a certain part of the year in Turkey, also come to the fore because they can be built according to personal expectations. At this point, the question ‘is it more logical to buy a villa or build it‘ comes to mind. Many people may think that a built villa already for sale would be a more profitable investment, but the details behind the work are very different.

Site-style projects, both built on a single plot of land or with multiple villas, may incur higher costs due to the price policies determined by construction companies in Turkey to maintain their profitability. Moreover, factors such as the design of the villa, low quality of materials, limited or shared garden area, and not providing enough privacy create disadvantages for those who want to maintain their personal standards. To explain the subject with current figures and concrete examples; For example, in Buyukcekmece, one of the most popular villa project areas in Istanbul, the purchase price of standard villas in the region is in the range of 600-700 thousand dollars.

Advantages of Building a Villa in Turkey

While it is extremely difficult to have the features you desire when you buy a villa, when you build it from scratch, you can have a villa built according to your own dreams. Although it may seem more attractive at first glance to buy a ready-made villa and settle down immediately, many people who make this choice may regret both the reasons we have listed above and the costs they face when they start a renovation according to their own preferences.

Let’s understand the issue more transparently by going through concrete examples. We have stated that the cost of owning a ready-made villa in locations right next to Istanbul is around 700 thousand dollars in current figures. Well, let’s see what kind of price we face if we build it. The cost of the 500 square meter lands in buyukcekmece on which we will build our villa in the popular regions we mentioned is around 150 thousand dollars on average.

Here, we also consider factors such as proximity to the sea or forest, transportation and infrastructure facilities. The construction cost of a 250 square meter villa to be located on a 500 square meter plot is around 112 000 dollars on average according to current figures.

The cost of all these is 262 thousand dollars in total. If you want extras such as a pool and garden, a budget of 280 thousand dollars is enough to build a villa from scratch. In other words, it is about 50-60 percent more affordable than buying a ready-made villa. Cost of building your own villa for 2023 you can check other blogs. The interior and exterior design of the villa and the materials to be used are completely determined as in your dreams. Moreover, you can have a garden area that is completely your own. You can completely customize your villa according to your lifestyle and expectations.

Who will deal with land finding, zoning status, license and other works?

“Well, who will deal with this whole process, who will handle the work?” you might think. You are so right. However, Acar Yapı continues its activities to provide just these services. All of the processes of finding land, purchasing, conducting transactions with institutions and local governments, licensing, project design and construction are carried out by Acar Yapı for its customers. In summary, Acar Yapı offers a turnkey solution for those who want to build a villa from scratch.

With the projects it has realized so far, its experience in the field of building inspection, its service approach at international standards, its references and its expert team, Acar Yapı provides guidance to its customers who want to own a villa in Turkey.



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