In this content, we will talk about the concepts of Tarla and Arsa , in other name zoned and unzoned lands which are often confused with each other. While looking for answers to questions such as what is the zoned , what is the unzoned ,  we will also clarify the difference between the zoned and unzoned land .


What is the Zoned land ( Arsa )?

Zoned; It is the name given to the pieces of land within the borders of villages, towns and cities. On the other hand, a field that has been zoned is now included in the category of land. In other words, in order for a piece of land to be qualified as a land, it must have a zoning permit. Therefore, the pieces of land on which buildings such as apartments and villas can be built are called zoned lands .

There are two types of land. These are lands with zoning (Arsa ) and without zoning ( Tarla ).

What is Tarla ?

Tarla is a general name given to pieces of land suitable for agriculture. It is sometimes referred to as agricultural land . As the fields used for the production of various agricultural products can be very large, it is possible to come across small fields that remain at the level of vineyards or gardens.

Field boundaries can be determined by the landowners themselves. However, in case of any dispute, the field boundary can be determined and determined by the relevant organs of the municipalities.

Differences Between Tarla and Arsa

The differences between Tarla and Arsa can be listed as follows:

  • For the tarla-arsa difference, it is necessary to focus on the zoning situation first. Plots can be defined as a piece of land with a zoning permit. Tarla, on the other hand, are pieces of land that do not have a zoning permit. While the building can be built on the Arsa , this and similar applications are not in question on the tarla. Since the tarla is agricultural land, they can only be explained as pieces of land open to agricultural activities.
  • For the difference between the land and the field, it would be appropriate to mention the construction. In the case of the arsa, construction is allowed, but in the case of the tarla itself, it is not possible to obtain a construction permit.
  • The taxation process is also one of the differences between the tarla and the arsa. The tax rate of the tarla is lower than the tax rate of the arsa.

Difference Between Zoned Land and Unzoned Land

Zoned plots can be explained as a piece of land that is open to construction. It is possible to erect a building on a plot with a development permit. Unzoned lands are pieces of land that are not open to construction. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to carry out construction activities on a land that does not have a zoning permit.


Difference Between Tarla and Arsa– Frequently Asked Questions

Tarla or Arsa which more valuable land?

The question of whether it is a Tarla or arsa more valuable land differs according to the nature of both land situations. As a matter of fact, it can be stated that a land with a zoning permit ( arsa) may be more valuable than a Tarla because of unzoning permit.

Possible to convert Tarla to Arsa?

One of the frequently asked questions is whether the Tarla becomes a Arsa or how the agricultural land is opened for zoning. In order for the Tarla to be converted into a Arsa, first of all, the Tarla must be opened for zoning. Accordingly, it is not possible for a Tarla without a zoning permit to be a land, in accordance with the Zoning Law and Regulation.

What does Tarla mean in deed?

If “Tarla ” is written on the title deed of the land you own, you should know that your land is an agricultural land. In addition, it is possible to see the phrase “Tarla ” on lands whose current title deeds have not been obtained. As a result, it would be the best way to update the zoning status of your land from the Land Registry Directorate or the relevant municipalities.


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