We explain the concept of KAKS, which you may encounter during the construction process, in details. What is KAKS , how to calculate KAKS?

KAKS is one of the most basic concepts that we encounter in the construction process. As Acaryp.com, in this content, we will be explaining the concept of KAKS that you may encounter during the construction process in details. What is KAKS, how to calculate KAKS?

KAKS Meaning?

Kaks means ” Kat Alanı Kat Sayısı” in Turkish language. if you land have 0,50 Kaks , it means Land size * 0.50 is your total construction area.It is a calculation method used in the calculation of the total net area of the construction to be built on land. KAKS has the same meaning as the term “ emsal ”.

Well, let’s try to examine this process together by exemplifying how the KAKS calculation is made.

How to Calculate KAKS?

KAKS calculation is used to reveal the total net area of the building to be built on a plot. Accordingly, the KAKS calculation can be easily found by multiplying the total square meters of the land with the KAKS value. It will be useful to explain the question of how to calculate KAKS by giving examples.

Example KAKS Calculation: Let’s say you have a 1000 square meter plot. Let the KAKS value be shown as 1.25 in the zoning status document of the land. Accordingly, the KAKS calculation that will emerge will be as follows;

  • 1000 m2 x 1.25 = 1250 square meters ( total construction area )

So, What Does KAKS Account Mean?

Based on the example given above, giving the KASK value as 1.25 means that the total area of the building to be built on that land will be 1250 square meters. This value indicates that the building will have a maximum area of 1250 square meters.

While making the KAKS calculation, the common sections needed by the building to be built are deactivated. For example; Since sections such as the attic, mezzanine, basement, parking lot, elevator shaft, and fire escape are considered as the common needs of the building, they are not taken into account when calculating KAKS.

When asked whether to increase the KAKS or how to increase the KAKS, it is possible by going to parcel consolidation. So much so that the larger the parcel area to be merged, the increase in KAKS will grow at the same rate.

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