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    Best Construction Company in Turkey: Acar Yapı

    construction company in turkey

    The Turkey construction sector, one of the oldest in existence, continues to expand continuously. Beyond addressing a client’s most basic building requirements, construction companies significantly impact employment and economic growth.

    Projects, competence, location, revenue, and other factors all contribute to making a construction business the finest in Turkey. When considering these elements, Acar Yapı makes a great point as one of the top 100 construction companies in Turkey. Now let’s look at what makes Acar Yapı one of the best construction companies in Turkey.

    Why Should You Prefer Acar Yapı in Construction? 

    Despite being a new construction firm in Turkey since it was founded in 2016, Acar Yapı has made significant advancements in the field of construction services. It has occupied more than 20 construction-related projects in Turkey, including the building of the Darıca plant and numerous villas. Acar Yapı is well known for building villas and has been offering consulting services to aid customers in finding new residences or investments.

    Now, let’s examine what distinguishes Acar Yapı from its competitors: 

    Our Expertise and Reputation 

    The most well-known construction services of Acar Yapı, such as housing projects and modern villa projects, are supported by a team of experienced architects, mechanics, electrical engineers, and constructors.  

    Licensing and Insurance 

    If you plan to work with a construction business, you should be aware that they must first have a license and insurance. When a contractor is licensed, it signifies that they have a current contractor’s license from a state or local contractor licensing authority. An insured contractor has invested in insurance coverage to guard against the risks involved in undertaking construction and maintenance work. 

    This is essential because working in the construction industry may require you to face legal and environmental risks. This is why licensing and insurance is a must-haves for a construction company in Turkey. Being licensed and insured is a top priority for Acar Yapı to safeguard your investment and guarantee our construction management. 

    Safety Standards 

    The construction industry is unquestionably dangerous. Since working conditions and working methods have changed in the construction industry, governments, employers, employees, and their representatives should collaborate to eliminate, limit, and control all significant hazards and risks.

    At Acar Yapı, we adhere to safety standards to develop a governmental, organizational, technical, and pedagogical framework for security in the construction industry. This promotes the safe and proper use of tools for projects in the construction industry and fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to safe and healthy processes, activities, technologies, and operations.

    Resources and Equipment 

    When it comes to construction, you simply cannot afford to misuse the resources at your disposal. In light of this, resource management is a key priority at Acar Yapı. We not only keep track of and optimize all of our equipment and resources, but we also use the most modern and technologically advanced resources for our projects to get the best results by saving time.

    Professional Construction Project Management 

    Along with guaranteeing the flow of communication between clients and project managers, workers, and workers and managers, tracking is one of the crucial components to assuring the success of the construction project. This helps with time management, which is one of the fundamental components of building project management.

    At Acar Yapı, we give priority to these three crucial factors in construction project management to identify hazards before they materialize, address issues with communication, and finish the building project on schedule. 

    Construction Cost Management 

    We are aware that any construction management service could experience a lack of communication, errors, or delays. The cost of building may also be impacted by these issues. This is why Acar Yapı has a construction cost management system in place to guard against risks and errors that could shorten or fail the project. 

    Communication and Compatibility 

    Any project’s success depends on effective communication, and construction management companies are no exception. To guarantee that the project is well understood and executed on time without any errors due to miscommunication, we prioritize communication between our organization and our employees, clients, legal parties, and more. 

    End-to-End Construction Process

    A construction process comprises of stages like the pre-construction phase, where decision-makers including the engineer, architect, project manager, building owner, and contractor decide how the project will be carried out. Framing is one element in the construction process that aids clients in visualizing the project and the construction process. Finishes and fixtures are the last stage of building after all the other stages. The structure is already beginning to take on its final appearance both inside and out.

    At Acar Yapı, we concentrate on the building process while monitoring potential dangers, and remedies. Make sure to get in touch with our construction company in Turkey for further details.

    Our Construction Portfolio 

    Visit Acar Yapı’s projects page to showcase our top-notch work on custom villa construction, modern villa construction, factory construction, and housing.  Our talented team of architects and engineers put their skills in design, building, and project management to the test with more than 20 ongoing projects.

    Custom Villa Project in Turkey 

    At Acar Yapı, we place a high value on first understanding our customers’ requirements. We are aware that it can be challenging to locate your ideal home among the pre-built homes. We can assist you in designing and developing your dream home in Turkey by creating your dream home based on your taste and personality by providing custom villa projects. 

    Make sure to check out our villa projects in Acar Yapı for more details about our new construction projects in Turkey.

    Factory Construction 

    We have the biggest construction projects for constructing factories at Acar Yapı. Our ongoing initiatives, like the construction of the Darıca factory, require 1200 m2 of area to build and finish. 

    Housing Project

    The talented group of architects at Acar Yapı is committed to offering you the most innovative and effective home ideas. The housing developments at Acar Yapı are intended to provide a place of habitation for those who are seeking more than just a place to sleep. You may depend on Acar Yapı’s skilled architects and engineers to build you the home of your dreams by constructing homes and community amenities close to yours. 

    Our Construction Management Team

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    Kenan Erden
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Fatih Erol
    Co-Founder / Civil Engineer
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    Murad Rahimov
    Project coordinator
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    MUrat Bozkurt
    Site supervisor
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    Muhammed Erden
    Senior Civil Engineer
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    Cevdet Kaya
    Site supervisor
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    Murat Aydemir
    Site Supervisor
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    Burak Kaya
    Senior Architect
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    Salih Inan
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    Samer Taleb
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Mohammed Dali
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Yunus Ağaoglu
    Mechanical engineer
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    Tansu Erden
    Civil engineer
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    Hatice Çalışkan
    Lorem ipsum dolor amet
    Abdullah Taşdemir
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    Mehmet Arslan
    Land Broker
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    Yalçın Özdal
    marketing manager

    At Acar Yapı, a construction company in Turkey, we believe that our workforce is our most valuable resource. We have a group of qualified engineers, mechanics, architects, and other specialists who are eager to take on any assignments to ensure our engineering construction and architectural management.

    The construction project manager, who oversees all of the procedures and updates the project managers on them so that the assignment is completed on schedule, is the person to whom all of our architects and engineers report. We also offer a group of consultants to assist our clients in selecting their custom-built homes. 

    Our Other Services


    Fit out , mechanic and electric works


    3D modeling and building permits.


    Investment planning and consultancy

    FAQs About Construction in Turkey

    What is the process of villa construction?

    At Acar Yapı, we concentrate on the steps involved in building a villa, such as determining the requirements and expectations of our clients, determining the location, the budget, the architectural and interior design solutions,  the budget for the engineering solutions, the rough construction, and the fine structure construction, final considerations, and the villa as an investment.

    How long does it take to build a villa in Turkey?

    Building a villa in Turkey depends on several variables, including its size, location, design, weather, the effectiveness of the construction teams, the accessibility of supplies and equipment, and other elements. A custom villa could take a few months or more to complete on average.

    How can I stay informed about the progress of my villa construction project?

    The construction management procedure is easy to follow. Software for task tracking or project management might be used to monitor the procedure. The construction business can also provide you with accurate and timely reports. At Acar Yapı, we put a high priority on achieving this since we aim to be the best construction company in Turkey.